What Makes Evaporative Cooler a High Demanded Air-Con System?

An evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler, is one of the great ways to control the temperature. It’s best used in a low humidity area and not suitable for an area where there’s already enough moisture in the air. Rising temperatures across the world have resulted in high demand for this evaporative cooler as it is used to lower the temperature by evaporates the water into the air using thermal energy. Thus, it will give a cooling effect on the surrounding environment. An evaporative cooler also has many benefits when it is used properly. This makes it an even more highly demanded air conditioning system on the market. Here are some of the benefits of an evaporative cooler that we have collected for you:

  • Cost-effective

If we compared it to the traditional cooling systems, evaporative coolers are a lot cheaper. It is possible because the only costs associated with operating it are just water and electricity. These both used to power the units, and the cost itself may vary based on the evaporative cooling unit being used.

  • Safe for people with allergies

For people who have asthma and certain allergies, evaporative cooler systems are an ideal option. The dry air usually aggravates allergies, but evaporative coolers can add moisture to it. It provides a natural and energy-efficient way to lower the temperature and also act to provide the fresh air into the environments where it’s installed.

  • Environmentally-friendly

The traditional air cooler tends to emit a higher level of carbon dioxide compared to evaporative ones. When you use an evaporative cooler, you have actually reduced the amount of ozone-harming pollutants or other chemicals to the environment.

  • Lower maintenance costs and cheaper installation

The simplicity of an evaporative cooler also means a cheaper installation and low maintenance cost in the long run. The evaporative cooler doesn’t have a compressor and only revolves around a fan and a water pump. There are no special working fluids either, especially refrigerants.

So if you’re looking for an air conditioning system that is cheap to run and maintain, the evaporative cooling system is the answer. However, please note that the installation of an air conditioning system requires specialized skills and cannot be done carelessly. Therefore, we suggest you find the right plumber in Melbourne service to help you with the installation.

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